Enough with the non-existing digital frontiers: Louis CK experiment a tremendous success

“I have a profit around $200,000 (after taxes $75.58)”


Louis CK is selling a professionally produced show for $5 with no DRM or regional restrictions. Success.

I steal content when I’m not allowed to buy it legally. If I can, I make the effort to connect through a proxy to buy some music, or change the country setting of my phone to buy an app, but if it takes more than 5 minutes to work around some stupid rules, I’ll just get the torrent.

This experiment is yet another example of how “Piracy” is about convenience, not price or moral values or whatever media execs say it is.

Sell me you stuff, with no stupid rules. I’ll buy it.

The Future

So we bought this fairly difficult to assemble product the other day, and on the package was a big QR Code. I scanned the code with my phone, and Android detected a link to a YouTube video and offered a few choices for playing it. One of those was “Play on XBMC”, thanks to the XBMC remote app (XBMC is the software that runs on our living room HTPC).

Instantly, assembly instructions a crappy promotional video started playing on the TV. This is the future? (A proper how to video would have made this story so much better!)