‘Game of Thrones’ new season 2 teaser trailer


April? I can’t wait already.

Originally posted on Inside TV:

The Game of Thrones season 2 teaser trailer is here! Title: “The Cold Winds Are Rising.” That gravel-voiced narrator is Stannis Baratheon (Brit actor Stephen Dillane) — King Robert’s stern brother, who is first introduced in the upcoming season. We also get glimpses of most of the major characters. (Also: If you’re a Boardwalk Empire fan, tonight’s finale is must-see amazing. Check out our coverage here). Here’s the trailer:

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The Future

So we bought this fairly difficult to assemble product the other day, and on the package was a big QR Code. I scanned the code with my phone, and Android detected a link to a YouTube video and offered a few choices for playing it. One of those was “Play on XBMC”, thanks to the XBMC remote app (XBMC is the software that runs on our living room HTPC).

Instantly, assembly instructions a crappy promotional video started playing on the TV. This is the future? (A proper how to video would have made this story so much better!)